Spotify - Discover Weekly
Dove - Have Your Say
Spotify - Year In Music
Reebok - We R Classic
The Lunchbox Fund – Feedie
Spotify - Found Them First
Mercedes-Benz - Uncharted
Spotify - Taste Rewind
Spotify - MixMates/MixtUp
Parkour vs RC Car vs C-Class Coupe
Spotify - Time for Turkey
The Lincoln Motor Company
Wheel of Concept
The Hiscox Reactor
Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl
Heima - Iceland, my home
Hot Wheels - Radio
Totes - Protection from Above
Trivial Pursuit – Rack Your Brain
Smarties Chocolate Candies
The Lincoln Year End Event
Audi - Middle East
Doritos - YES!
Read Hunter's Mind
Dr. Scholl's Shoe Odor Eaters
Kleenex - Nothing Feels As Soft
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