Spotify - Taste Rewind

PROBLEM: How do you get people to dig into Spotify's catalogue of over 30 million tracks, when most of the music streamed are just the latest hits? IDEA: Taste Rewind analyzed your music taste to show you what you'd be jamming to if you lived in another era. Your personalized interactive timeline was built from custom designed artist posters inspired by its era. Each poster played samples of the music of its time, which you could collect as a playlist. MEDIA: Mashable | Engadget | Gizmodo | USA Today | Yahoo News | The Verge | The Next Web | Refinery 29 | CNET | VentureBeat Creative Agency: Razorfish | Production: Stinkdigital AWARDS: Webby x 2 | New York Festivals – Finalist x 3 | FWA x 4 | aWWWards | Shorty Awards x 2 Creative agency: Razorfish | Production: StinkDigital

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